Display of management change

At 18:00 on January 5, 2015, it was held in the hall of the four building conference hall of Jiaxing enterprise, which was brought together by three members of the management team from miet tools, Xingyi group and Rong hour holdings.

Yi Xing group director PMC, shared since Xingyi introduction improve Jiahong business management. It shared the practical application of eight combinations of Sheng Quan in Xingyi, and greatly improved productivity and productivity through the introduction of production coordination meetings and production daily reports.

With the introduction of three elements, "standard, restriction, responsibility", the control application of production planning control, production coordination, corporate anti smoking, 6S activities and horizontal control cards has an impact on the company.

When holding the mentality of vice president Rong share their business as well as the introduction of Jiahong experience. The development of enterprises, can not do the extremely arrogant.

Chen Wei, the general manager of the company, shared the changes in the enterprise and the problems that still existed in the process of the reform and operation of the enterprise.