Metrojet company 2014 annual summary of the general assembly

At 16:00 on February 5, 2015, the 2015 annual conference of the miter company and the welcome new spring party Gala were held in a joyous and detailed atmosphere. The annual meeting carried out excellent staff award, excellent cadre award, on-site raffle, raffle, literature and art exhibition, interaction and other links, and successfully closed at 19:30. The annual meeting stimulated the cohesion and centripetal force of employees, and promoted the company's corporate culture level.

Figure 1 the tension in the chairman's front, ready.

图2 抽奖号有序排发中~~

Figure 2 in the orderly arrangement of the lottery number ~

Figure 3 stage Expo

Figure 4 all the members are ready, ~ ~

Figure 5 applause for the host, ~ ~

Figure 6 general manager's speech, ~

Figure 72014 outstanding employees issued certificates and bonuses

Figure 82014 outstanding cadres issued certificates and bonuses

Figure 9 outstanding employees represent "the heart of gratitude"

Figure 10 the cadres perform "friends"

Figure 11 quality inspection department staff performing "night of Arabia"

Figure 12 the atmosphere of employees is rising.

Figure 13 colleague's performance, "lazy fellow," is the ideal of laughing.

Figure 14 vice president of technology, "the Chinese"

Figure 15 die workshop performance "Jiangnan style>";

Figure 16 shows the gun shop "help does not help laughing", praising the fruit

Figure 17 technical department colleagues won the prize notebook

Figure 18 cast two director's performance "always believe"

Figure 19 the performance square dance of the workers in the forging workshop

Figure 20 interactive game of cadres

Figure 21 grinding workshop employees won iphone6

Figure 22 packaging workshop staff performing "unforgettable tonight"